The Taphouse Cabal  


This page contains links to a number of other pages, each containing information about our network. Click a link to find out more about what's going on inside the Taphouse.


Netsplit has robots that drop by our network and keep track of how we're doing compared to the rest of the IRC community. They update their stats on us hourly, here.

Idle RPG:

The Idle RPG is just what it sounds like: an RPG in which the players idle. In addition to merely gaining levels, players can find items and battle other players. We play the Idle RPG here on Taphouse, and have several pages dedicated to monitoring the game, it's characters, and their quests.

Trivia Scores:

When we're in the mood for trivia, we get our fix in #fnord. The rankings for our trivia game can be accessed here.